Speed Blade Turnstile

Speed Blade Waist High Turnstile Datasheet

The EA Speed Blade waist-high turnstile is the most space saving type of the EA range of turnstiles. The stylish appearance perfectly harmonises with high safety and traffic flow. Read More...

Glass Swing Gate

Glass Swing Gate Datasheet

The contemporary EA Glass Swing Gate is the simplest and most affordable way to control and restrict access available from 500 to 900mm clear opening. Read More...

Sesame Turnstile Datasheet

Sesame Full Height Turnstile Datasheet

If you want to be 100% sure of reliable site access security then the full-height EA Sesame full height turnstile is the best choice. Read More...

Centurion Turnstile

Centurion Pedestrian Turnstile Datasheet

The EA Centurion turnstiles combines optimal efficiency and space-saving size offering a low cost efficient means of controlling pedestrian access. Read More...

Sweeper Turnstile

Sweeper Waist Height Turnstile Datasheet

The versatile EA Sweeper turnstile is suitable for many different installations including reception areas in offices, banks, sports facilities and shops. Read More...

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