Overheight Detection System

Posted: 1/1/1970

Electro Automation offer technical options to meet virtually any over height vehicle detection and warning requirement. This equipment is proven to minimise the occurrence of accidents.

Overheight Vehicle Detection Systems can be used in the following applications:

Detects Over-Height Vehicles

Alerts and Directs the Driver via Warning Signs

Provides Secondary Warning

Reduces Exposure to Incidents or Accidents such as a Bridge Strike Applications

Bridge Overhangs

As the vehicle approaches the bridge, OVDS on either side of the carriage way detects overheight vehicles. Audible alarms and alternating flashers with backlit warning signs indicate the danger to the offending vehicle's driver, giving enough time to allow the driver make a route adjustment to avoid a bridge strike.

Electro Automation were awarded a contract for a project which included the installation of two overheight vehicle detection systems supplied by solar power and a back-up battery upgrade to ensure power at all times.

Our client was looking to replace a non-operating transmitter/reflector height alarm head setup with a transmitter/receiver setup operating on 230V AC. The maximum operating distance was 20 metres which suited our system as we align them at about 30 metres.

An alarm sounds upon detection of an overheight vehicle and changes the lane control markers to ensure the vehicle does not strike the pipes overhead.

Our ODVS system incorporates proven technology currently in use at various airfields and airports in the US and has a high resistance to possible interference from radar and radio communication systems.

The solar power system consists of a solar panel assembly, batteries and solar control electrics. An inverter can be included to supply power for a warning sign, bell or other warning devices. The batteries, solar control electronics and inverter are mounted in vandal proof aluminium enclosures.

The OVDS system has a total weight of 424 pounds with both battery boxes, bracket and Solar Array. The solar array is 47.3" long, which when mounted on the bracket at the 45º angle will measure 32" out from the pole at the base. The 47.3" is orientated vertical from the sky toward the ground. The width is 62.4" and this is the horizontal width. The 2.1" is the thickness of the array.

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