Parking control system for Belfast Harbour

Posted: 1/1/1970

Electro Automation has installed a novel variation of the Zeag ORION parking control system to control the berthing revenue and help secure access to Belfast Harbour’s leisure craft facilities. The pontoon area is secured using automatic gates powered by Electro Automation’s in-ground automation system. Once a visitor berths at the facility they take a berthing ticket and payment is made in advance at the ORION fully automatic paystation.

A special feature allows the appropriate tariff (according to length of vessel and duration of stay) to be stepped through and selected. Payment is made by credit card, and the system logs these details. Only the code on a validated (and current) ticket is accepted at the gates for entry and exit, thereby safeguarding the area. Electro Automation used Oris number sequence keypads as a connected part of the Zeag ORION system. These accept the code which is printed on each validated ticket.

Data transmission is completed wirelessly to the Harbour Master’s office using the innovative 1 Burst data transmission system and the intercoms use GSM technology. All statistics are recorded for later analysis on the Zeag ZMS management station. This also offers remote wireless diagnostics and control of the floating pontoon system.

The current 40 berth facility is a forerunner to a fully equipped 200 berth marina located in the heart of Belfast’s Titanic Quarter.

Electro Automation provide car parking solutions that are highly adaptable to meet customer’s requirements. We can match your corporate identity colours, representing an individual appearance style in your car park by applying any RAL colour you like to the housing and the front panel.

The ZEAG-OrionXR, in combination with the ZEAG Management System, is a modular design and construction that can be scaled to meet the demands of any size of parking facility. We provide systems that work stand-alone for the smaller sized car parks with straight forward requirements. We can also scale our solutions to provide fully networked online ZEAG Management System with multi-site, ‘citywide’ or ‘countrywide’ facilities with 200 plus peripherals to satisfy high-end customer needs.

Our management system is applicable for a single PC installation or enlarged to the most demanding client-server structure resulting in a state-of-art parking solution with multi-site connectivity. A multitude of sites in various locations can be networked and operated centrally. The open database structure allows simple and fast integrations of complementary 3rd party products and solutions.

Electro Automation can offer a solution to your parking problems that can pay for itself in a matter of months. Our products offer you the opportunity to take back control of your car park and keep it for your most important visitors – your customers!

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