Titanic Quarter Belfast chooses Electro Automation

Posted: 1/1/1970

The Titanic Project in Belfast is one of Europe’s most ambitious visitor attraction schemes. Central to the needs of this busy area is the ability to deal with the large numbers of visitors who arrive in their cars and need somewhere to park. The Titanic Quarter is planned to eventually consist of seven separate car parks, each servicing the needs to the building it is attached to.

When Titanic Quarter wanted an integrated site-wide parking control system, they undertook an intensive evaluation exercise. The result was they chose Electro Automation. Using world-renowned Swiss Zeag equipment, Electro Automation was able to meet or exceed the challenging performance specification that Titanic Quarter demanded. Titanic Quarter was able to achieve a solution that allowed site-wide control from a single point, one that would self manage public parking, tenant parking, contract parking, staff parking, deliveries and casual visitors. It also allowed Titanic Quarter the flexibility of independent, central or remote control within each car park and the fully autonomous modular design future proofed the system, allowing for infinite expansion on one or several sites.

It was vital to Titanic Quarter that the car parking system they chose would allow the flexibility of unlimited expansion, and the transfer of central control to any one of the car parks to facilitate operations.

Exceptional reporting and auditing modules meant complete confidence in achieving total control of this wide and varied multi-use site. When combined with Electro Automation’s unsurpassed 24/7/365 technical support, the package was simply irresistible. Quality projects deserve quality partners.

Following a detailed tender process and strict evaluations of all the systems that were available, Titanic Quarter took the decision to select Electro Automation and the Zeag ORION XR parking system. Currently, the site has five car parks controlled by Electro Automation’s equipment. Electro Automation have also installed automatic doors within the Titanic Signature building allowing safe and secure access to the central ride area.

A further addition to the Titanic Quarter system was the addition of bespoke Variable Messaging Signs located throughout the area. These are seamlessly integrated within the Zeag Management Station, allowing real time control and display of the spaces available in each connected car park.

The Titanic Quarter are delighted with the level of expertise and equipment that Electro Automation have provided and are looking forward to developing the system further to fully cater for their business needs as they expand.

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