Domestic Sliding Gates VS Swinging Gates

Posted: 8/3/2021

It is becoming increasingly common for homeowners to install driveway gates at the entrance to their property and there are a number of benefits to doing so. Not only will automatic gates instantly enhance your security, but it will also protect your privacy and increase the value of your property. Thankfully, there is a huge range of different types of driveway gates to choose from too, nowadays, so it is easy to find something that perfectly complements your home. 

Amongst the vast selection available, there are two types of automatic gates that remain the most sought after and many homeowners will find themself struggling to decide between sliding gates and swing gates. As you may expect, both of these gate systems have their advantages and disadvantages, so to help anyone who is currently contemplating which will be best for their property, we have looked into these in more detail below. 

What are sliding gates?

Sliding gates are fairly self-explanatory and when opening or closing, they will slide side to side. When installing sliding driveway gates, you have the option of the gate splitting in the middle and the two parts sliding in opposite directions or it can all slide in one direction. You will be able to decide which is best for your property. 

The advantages of sliding gates

One of the biggest benefits of sliding automatic gates is that they take up much less space when opening, making them perfect for short drives. Because they slide sideways along the fence line or a boundary wall, you will have more room on your drive for vehicles. Sliding gates are very reliable and have long trouble free lifespans.

Due to the fact that sliding gates usually run on tracks, or they can be installed with cantilever systems, they are also better suited for rough ground and it doesn’t matter if you have a sloping driveway either. Many also consider sliding gates to be a more secure option as they are incredibly difficult to force open. 

The disadvantages of sliding gates

This is a short list as sliding gates are reliable, very secure and hassle free. Most sliding gates require a ground beam to locate the wheels. Care must be taken to ensure this is installed properly. In addition, care must be given to the design to ensure the sliding gate doesn’t look too “commercial”. 

Of course, you will also need to have enough space to the side of the gate for it to be able to slide open sideways. Often, you need to have a little over the width of the gate again, so they do require more space widthwise. We need to ensure that additional safety measures are in place to ensure safe operation.

What are swinging gates?

As the name suggests, swinging gates will swing open and close. Again, the gate can be split in the middle and the two parts will swing apart from one another or the whole gate can swing together in one direction. When opting for swinging gates, you can decide whether you’d like them to swing inwards or outwards too. Gates that swing inside the property are recommended. 

The advantages of swinging gates

Swing gates are the most popular option and you find them everywhere. Mostly, all swing gates can be automated and have a host of control methods. 

Swinging gates will also be fairly straightforward to install and they tend to be affordable. Depending on the shape of your driveway, they may be more suitable as well because they don’t need any additional room widthways to open as sliding gates do. While normally limited to 90 degree opening, we can allow openings up to 180 degrees on request.

The disadvantages of swinging gates

Of course, swinging driveway gates will need space in order for them to swing open, so bear this in mind if you have a short drive. As you can imagine, the swing area needs to be reasonably level, or slope away from the pillars. 

When compared to sliding gates, this type of gate will also be more affected by wind. Safety is always top priority, so we need to match the opening/closing forces with the design and wind loading. In high wind areas, sliding gates may be a consideration. 

Installing automatic driveway gates at your property

All in all, it is fair to say that both sliding gates and swinging gates are a brilliant choice and when properly designed they both work well at the entrance to a driveway. Hopefully, the information above will be beneficial when you’re trying to choose between the two and now that you’re aware of the pros and cons to both options, you should find it slightly easier to decide which is most suitable for your own home. Often, the deciding factor will be the shape and size of your driveway. 

When wanting to install automatic driveway gates, be sure to visit The Electro Automation Group website. We specialise in gate automation and for decades now we have been assisting both homeowners and businesses with automatic gates. Our team of experienced surveyors will gladly work with you to design a system that is specific to your individual requirements and you can trust that as world leaders in gate automation, you will be in the best hands when you turn to us. 

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